Il Castello della Paura - Rocchette

Place: Lazio / Rieti

Attention: this is the card from a past edition. Search the site or check with the references in the text if there is an edition scheduled for this year.

Il Castello della Paura - Rocchette

Night of ghosts, vampires and witches. The evening at the Castle of Fear enlivens the medieval village of Rocchette with "monstrous" events for adults and children. A rich gastronomic tour with typical Sabine autumn flavors in a unique setting and atmosphere that only the village of Rocchette can provide. The town's cellars will open with 5 tasting stages. A traveling show that will take participants through the alleys of the town from the heart of the square to the top of the church. The party offers displays, decorations, masks and music for a unique and terrifying emotion. A particular attraction is the guided "tour of fear", the acrobatic shows of the White Circus, the Rea-Luna dance show and the concert of the "Prisoners of Dreams" (Iron Maiden cover band).

The ticket purchased is personal and includes the gastronomic tour with five typical dishes served in the various cellars.

The menu offers:
• vampire cellar – fried food parcel;
• cantina de "los muertos" – pumpkin cream soup;
• monster cellar – pork rinds with beans;
• zombie cellar – sausages;
• witches' cellar – sweets.

In addition to the gastronomic tour there are several attractions:
• "Prisoners of Dreams" concert (included in the ticket);
• Acrobatic and fire shows at the White Circus (included in the ticket);
• Rea-Luna dance show (included in the ticket);
• Fear Tour (included in the ticket).

Entries and related tickets are limited and subject to availability. It is not possible to enter the event without a ticket. Children under one meter tall have free entry with a reduced menu.... read more»

• Full price: €28 + 2 presale fees
Tickets for this year's event at the CentoperCentoRocchette Recreational Club (via dei monti 9, Rocchette in Sabina), at number 3337616648 or at the link:

We are waiting for you in Rocchette di Torri in Sabina (RI) in Piazza Maggiore!

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Il Castello della Paura - Rocchette

The event in brief

Name: Il Castello della Paura - Rocchette

Where: Rocchette - Piazza Maggiore - Rocchette di Torri in Sabina (RI)


Organization / promoter of the event: Associazione 100% ROCCHETTE

To read more on the web: https://www.centopercentorocchette....