Personal data processing

Pursuant to Art. 10 of Law no. 675/1996, E-side srl makes known, in its quality as the Party Concerned, that the user's personal details (the "Details") shall be processed as follows:


1. Purpose of the processing

The Details are collected and processed by E-side srl for the purpose of:

a. providing the requested services;
c. using the email address to send information about the contractual relationship;
d. processing the data to supply a service consistent with the information you send us during the service use;
e. surveying customer satisfaction;
f. statistical analyses for marketing purposes;

2. Means of processing

The processing of the Details for the above purposes shall take place by computerised means, compliant to the provisions on confidentiality and security provided for by the law. The Details may be processed on behalf of E-side srl by employees, professionals or companies appointed to carry out processing services or activities complementing those done by E-side srl and needed to perform the Company?s operations and services.

3. Assignment of the details

The assignment of the Details for the provision of the service described in art 1 is mandatory, and is optional for all other activities. The possible objection to the assignment of the Details shall not lead to any consequences, except for the impossibility to benefit from the services offered by E-side srl

4. Rights of users.

Art. 13 of Law 675/1996 acknowledges the following rights:
- to access the registers of the guarantor;
- to obtain information as to the details on the user;
- to obtain the cancellation or the blocking thereof, namely the update, modification or integration, in addition to the documentation proving that these operations have been made known to those to whom the details were communicated;
- to object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of their details;
- to object to the processing for commercial, advertising or market research purposes.
The aforementioned rights may be exercised by writing to E-side srl ( that is responsible for the processing of the Details.

5. Holder and person accountable for the processing

The Holder of the processing of the Details is E-side srl - V.le Verona 98, 36100 Vicenza (Italy)




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