ATTENTION - Despite the progressive normalization at national level, we remind you that many Festivals, Events and Fairs in 2021 will not take place, or are subject to restrictions in the conditions of access. It is recommended to always contact the organizing bodies directly in case of doubt about the conduct of an event, in particular when the dates of 2021 are not specified, but only the usual month is indicated.

Festa del Bacalà alla Vicentina a Sandrigo

Festa del Bacalà alla Vicentina a Sandrigo From Friday 18 to Monday, September 28, 2015 back in the streets of Sandrigo (VI) the Bacalà Festa alla Vicentina.

from September 08, 2021 to September 20, 2021
Region: Veneto
Province: Vicenza

Nougat Festival 2019

Nougat Festival 2019 The gluttonous soul of Cremona will be heightened by the many special events that have been organized, with over 250 initiatives including shows, tastings and cultural events.

from November 13, 2021 to November 21, 2021
Region: Lombardia
Province: Cremona