A Pearl of Veneto: Barbarano and his "magic"

Barbarano Vicentino isn't Montalcino and the Colli Berici (Berici Hills), in terms of wine have not (yet) the strength of the most suitable areas of the nearby territory of Verona, as Suave or Valpolicella, but both deserve greater consideration among the eno-tourists, both Italian and foreign.Placed on the slopes facing South-East the Berici Hills and scenic overlooks to the Euganean Hills, Barbarano is at the Center (even if not geographically) of a small "Renaissance" eno-gastronomy of this area of the province of Vicenza where the landscape, over the past 20 years, has gradually enriched with olive trees and vines, to affirm his vocation for the production of olive oil and wine of the highest quality.Here today it produces extra virgin olive oil for the D.O.P "Euganei and Berici" (in the wider context of production of extra-virgin olive oil Veneto d that extends its area of origin in the Valpolicella and the area of Grappa) and white and red wine, with little notable productions of sparkling wines obtained by both classic (refermentation in the bottle)with the charmat (sparkling in auto-clave).The most representative wine of this Doc is the "Tai rosso" (so called after the controversy over the name Tokay), whose "reserve" variant takes the name "Barbarano". It is a vine native (that is very rooted historically in this area), genetically identical to the Cannonau di Sardegna, but also to Spanish Garnacha and Grenache. It is a very versatile grape, grown in this area lends itself to the production of vintage wine (to drink straight, not too full of color and characterized by the freshness of spices), is the most sought-after and structured wines (hence the reserve project "Barbarano") and even sparkling brut rosé. Today someone goes up to its use for the production of spumante metodo classico. Speaking of the Colli Berici Barbarano and we like to talk about a company name, or rather in a single word, focused with evocative force its idea and development of representation of this territory: "Magia di Barbarano". The company is open to the public by appointment on weekends and has joined the recent national day of open cellars in San Martino, promoted by the Movimento Turismo del Vino. On that occasion I had the opportunity to visit, with pleasure a great public participation.The company produces the Tai rosso, the Carmenere, of Barbera (small, high quality production) of Cabernet Sauvigon, and like white wine, a pure Garganego (a "mossa" obtained with refermentation in the bottle, "sur lie") and a white wine DOC Colli Berici from blend of garganega, sauvignon and pinot bianco. From garganega grapes is also a sweet wine.The magic of Barbarano, in addition to wine, produces extra-virgin olive oil of superior quality, moreover, obtained using a small company Crusher (collecting and pressing start in these days of November).The philosophy of the company, both with respect to white wine for red ones, is to produce wines of "drinkable", particularly on whites and the Tai rosso and the Carmenere, suitable to be used as everyday wine, despite the attention of vineyard cultivation (contained minimum intervention yields) and the quality of workmanship in the cellar, not fall to compromise. The use of "wood" is reserved for varieties of that by their nature require a softening before bottling, like Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon. The latter comes from a vineyard situated in an ideal location, treated according to organic logic (and gone with the company does not seek the certification), which is capable of producing a wine with high alcohol content and body (14.5%), while still doing the same business philosophy shines through. Great freshness, conferred by the high acidity and aromatic intensity, with good finesse, even to Barbera, which is certainly a wine that may well represent the land and the project company. Who will have the opportunity to visit the company, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, it will not feel the "magic" that the landscape, as well as the nature and the passion of the owners, manage to create in this place. The beauty of these hills, especially in this position, he expresses so much in spring flowering, which in autumn colors, but basically all year round here a worthy representation. Barbarano Vicentino is accessible from the South, from the Euganean Hills and Monselice exit of the motorway A13 Padova-Bologna, or from the North, from Montecchio Maggiore (A4 motorway exit Brescia-Padova). To reach the magic of Barbarano, from the center of town, follow the signs for Mossano, along the via San Martino.

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