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Dal Maso- Vicenza wine tourism

Dal Maso- Vicenza wine tourism

The Cantina Dal Maso Selva di Montebello, the center of the area of the classic Gambellara Doc, has organized an evening event to celebrate their relationshipbetween the land on which for 150 years the wines of the family the culinary culture and the history of Vicenza.

The story and the journey, starting from a fascinating history that has been renewed for five generations, from great grandfather Serafino who starts at the end of '800, to the current efforts Nicola, winemaker of the winery, Silvia and Anna, mainly engaged in the promotion and product marketing. The three brothers have picked up the winery of Luigino, their dad, the first who began the transformation of the cellar in a modern and devoted quality.

In the '90s, he decided to make a significant investment to complete the transformation of the winery from a simple place of production and storage of wine, for a cozy space and architecturally evocative, in harmony with the landscape and able to express an idea of modern attachment to the land.

The care and attention given to the private consumer who likes to go in person to the cellar to choose the wines and meet the producers is indeed commendable, and for this we can only report the Cantina Dal Maso as a must for a gastronomic journey to discover Vicenza and its best. The spiral staircase in stone that combines the three floors that make up the structure - the barrel below, the tasting room and shop business at the entrance, and the loft upstairs - not fail to strike you, even if the real attraction is undoubtedly the 19 labels that today the company produces, all belonging to the two Doc where the company has its own vineyards for an area of about 30 hectares. The Doc Gambellara for white wines, and Doc Berici for red wines.

The range of wines, all of excellent quality, thanks to which the winery has earned many admirers in the province, in Italy and abroad (almost 50% of production is exported) meets expectations more different, both for prices for that type of consumption.

Without sacrificing the wines, white and red, created with international varieties, still rooted in these areas (such as Merlot and Cabernet Colli Berici) today Dal Maso principally targets the indigenous products: Garganega for Doc Gambellara and Tai red for Doc Berici.

Vicenza and its province, is the  pearl from the point of view of history, architecture and art, just think that the historic center and the Palladian Villas have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

To present this aspect of wine tourism Dal Maso invited to speak to Daniela Zarpellon Giravicenza ( that adheres to the project WeTour, that initiative of a group of tour guides offering tours of the Vicenza area, with different itineraries for everyone, families, groups of wine tourists, companies and associations.

Not only The Palladian Villas but you can also discover unknown places, between Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa and the Asiago Plateau and match this winetours with tastings to build a truly complete experience for all our senses.


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