Life of Wine

Place: Lazio / Roma

Attention: this is the card from a past edition. Search the site or check with the references in the text if there is an edition scheduled for this year.

Life of Wine

On Sunday 3 December 2023 the event not to be missed is in Rome with the 12th edition of Life of Wine, a unique tasting event dedicated to wines from the long history of important Italian wineries.

The event, as it has been for several years now, will take place in the splendid spaces of the Hotel Villa Pamphili where wineries will arrive from all over the Bel Paese with old vintages that are often unobtainable.

The format remains unchanged: each company present at its tasting counter will bring at least one label from at least two less recent vintages in addition to the vintage on the market, thus offering the lucky ones present the opportunity to immerse themselves in numerous and intriguing micro verticals and to savor the glasses the evolution of some great Italian wines. In addition to this, it will also be possible to taste other products currently on the market and thus have an exhaustive picture of the production of each individual company.

Participants, if they wish, will also be able to purchase some labels whose price will be displayed above each company counter.

From 10am to 1.30pm, entry will be reserved for registered sommeliers (entry cost 25 euros), press and operators. The latter will be able to request accreditation which will only be valid once confirmed by email by the organization.... read more»

From 1.30pm to 7pm it will also be open to the public.
The entrance ticket will be 35 euros and will allow you to taste all the wines present.

Life of Wine is an event created by Studio Umami and Roberta Perna Comunicazione Enogastronomica, agencies in Florence specialized in communication and organization of food and wine events. Since 2019 they have made use of the precious collaboration with the journalist Maurizio Valeriani, director of the Vinodabere newspaper, called to strengthen the selection of companies.

The numbers that have accompanied the event over the years testify to an exponential growth in terms of participation and quality of the public: the latest edition saw the presence of 73 wineries from all over Italy and 750 entries of which 300 sector operators and over 100 representatives of the specialized press.

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Life of Wine

The event in brief

Name: Life of Wine

Where: Roma, Hotel Villa Pamphili - via della Nocetta, 105 - Roma


Organization / promoter of the event: Studio Umami e Roberta Perna Comunicazione Enogastronomica

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