Formai dal Mont

Where: Trentino Alto Adige / Trento

Attention: this is the card of a past edition. Search on the site or check with the references in the text if there is an edition scheduled for this year.
Formai dal Mont
From subsistence agriculture to a product of excellence and niche, expression of an entire territory. This was the evolution of malga cheeses, a unique heritage of flavors and fragrances to be discovered on October 26th and 27th in Tassullo: in the charming town in the province of Trento the appointment with "Formai dal Mont" returns, the event which allows visitors to learn about Val di Non, Val di Sole and the Paganella Plateau from a tasty and original point of view. For two days, in the suggestive spaces of Castel Valer in Tassullo in the municipality of Ville d'Anaunia, you can get to know the ancient crafts of the Trentino valleys through the best dairy products: the shepherds of the producing valleys will be present in the stands of cheese made from fresh and aged cow's milk and fresh goat's milk, which will make you taste their delicacies and explain the manufacturing processes. A jury of experts will vote for the best fresh and seasoned cheese "Trentino di Malga" of the event, but also all visitors and children can, after tasting, become judges themselves and provide a personal assessment and classification of the two categories. The ancient crafts will come back to life through the representation curated by the "Charter of the Cavareno rule", while the best Trentino products and the producers' cheeses will be on display at the market stalls selling local products. An entire area will be dedicated to children, who will be able to try their hand at cooking workshops in the dairy and have fun in the open air, as well as learn about the animals that live in the mountain pastures on the educational farm. , Saturday 26 October at 4.30 pm, the author's aperitif with mountain bubbles and snacks, a special guided tour of Castel Valer with aperitif and tastings in the cellar, organized by the Strada della mela and Sapori delle Valli of Non e di Sole. Sunday 27 October (2.00 pm) in the square of the castle will start the processing of milk (Casarada); at the same time it will instead be the turn of the debate "Bunk meetings: the cheese professionals tell their story"; of the guided tasting in the cellar of Castel Valer (2.30 pm), with the malga cheese proposed in combination with honey and groppello wine from the Val di Non and Trentodoc; and again of the "Visit with Taste" (11.30 and 15.30), a special guided tour to Castel Valer with tastings of mountain cheeses and local products in the cellar, by the Strada della Mela and the Flavors of the Non Valleys and di Sole. At the end of the event (5.00 pm) with the choir Lago Rosso there will be a concert inside the walls of Castel Valer. Each malga produces its cheese with unique characteristics, with infinite organoleptic variables, all closely linked to the territory: the formation of the aromas and flavors of milk depend on the species, the breed, the type of feeding of the animal and the richness of the plant species they feed on. Like wines, cheeses have endless variations and both have a close link with the production area: often the name of a cheese refers to a place, a region or a place name. This determines its "personality" and is evidence of a managed area, of an enchanting landscape and of a rich biodiversity: for this reason, those who have always lived in these valleys proudly carry on the conservation of the mountain pastures. Now in its 12th edition, "Formai dal Mont" will also offer a rich cultural program with accompaniments narrated in the courts, gardens and frescoes of Castel Valer and Castel Nanno. A voluntary guide by Anastasia Val di Non will be present (Saturday and Sunday at 3.00 pm and 4.00 pm) to illustrate the peculiarities of our "Ancient Treasures": the Church of S. Maria Assunta, the little church of the Immaculate in Sanzenone and the church of S. Paolo in Pavillo, where you can see the frescoes as soon as restored by the Baschenis brothers. In this pristine stretch of the province of Trento, the pastures and cheeses represent an important testimony of the past, but also a reality to be rediscovered and valued for the characteristics of the valleys themselves: a treasure to taste and discover in its most authentic aspects 26 and October 27. Come and discover something unique. Info: Date - 26/27 October Location: Tassullo (Trento) sms to Camper parking area: PS SARC di Tassullo warehouse
Formai dal Mont

Name of the event: Formai dal Mont

From subsistence agriculture to a product of excellence and niche, expression of an entire territory.

Place: Castel Valer (TN)
Address: Tassullo, TN

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