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First DOCG of the South Italy (since 1993) , the Taurasi is one of the great red wines of southern Italy. It is produced from Aglianico , the introduction of which in Italy is attributed to the Greeks ( " Vitis Hellenica " , imported from Macedonia) . The name Aglianico , in fact, is derived from " Ellenicum or Ellanicum " , and Taurasi is the ancient Taurasia (destroyed by the Romans in 180 BC far ) . The vine, considered native for these very ancient roots in the peninsula, is spread mainly in Campania and Basilicata, but also in areas of Puglia and Molise . In Irpinia , where the soil is rich in volcanic materials due to ancient eruptions , and the happy combination with the climate allows for a gradual ripening and a later harvest of the grapes.

The vineyard area enrolled in the DOCG is about 1000 acres , and the annual output is about 1,500,000 bottles. The specification stipulates a minimum aging of 3 years, including 12 months in oak barrels (18 months for the Reserve) . There are four sub-areas with unique characteristics that result in very different wines . To the right of the river Calore ( where there is also the town of Taurasi , plus Sant'Angelo , Luogosano , Fontanarosa , Mirabella and Bonito ) they produce wines with good acidity and without excessive tannins. On the left side of the river Calore ( common Venticano , Torre le Nocelle , Pietradefusi ) the milder climate and vineyards on land almost flat and sandy soils favor more ready and drinkable wines with lower acidity and alcohol content . The third sub - area includes the towns of Montemiletto , Motefalcione , Lapine and San Mango sul Calore , with continental climate and clay soils , from which come wines with good acidity and polyphenolic profile suitable for aging . The last sub- area ( Castelvetere the Heat, Montemarano , Castelfranci and Paternopoli ) , further south , in the highest part of the valley of Calore, presents the temperature variations between night and day more daring , sometimes vineyards on considerable slopes and altitudes up to 650/700mt . Here the harvest is late ( around 15 November) and the wines are powerful , high in acidity and tannins , so requiring a longer time to give the best of himself .

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