Here we produce the wines that was first DOCG South Italy (since 1993), and that even today is one of the great red wines of southern Italy. The introduction of vine cultivation in this region is attributed to the Greeks ("Vitis Hellenica", imported from Macedonia). The variety grown for excellence is the Aglianico, its name, derived from "Ellenicum or Ellanicum", and Taurasi is the ancient Taurasia (destroyed by the Romans in 180 a.C.).

The origins of the medieval village date back to Eneolithic and numerous witnesses archeological evidence eveywhere in  the city especially in San Martino.

There are many chapels and historical buildings located throughout the city.

The city's name is in reference to bull, the leader of the animal  Taurasi tribe of the lineage of the Samnites who came from the North to occupy the provinces of Avellino and Benevento.


The vineyard area enrolled in the DOCG is about 1000 hectares, and have identified four sub-areas whose characteristics determine very different wines. To the right and left of the Calore river, the sub-area includes the towns of Montemiletto, Motefalcione, Lapio and San Mango sul Calore and the last to the south, in the upper valley of the Calore.

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