Bard (AO)

Bard (AO)

In Valle d'Aosta there is the small village of Bard, populated by about 160 inhabitants. Considered among the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is a tourist destination that attracts many visitors fascinated by the historical testimonies of the place. The landscape is dominated by the imposing fortress, Forte di Bard, which can be reached via a pleasant walk along an uphill road. The fort is now a cultural and tourist center where exhibitions and events are organized.

The best time to visit Bard is during one of the numerous events that are periodically organized, such as Marché au Fort, the food and wine festival scheduled on the second Sunday of October.

Among the typical dishes of the local tradition you can taste the fiuor di cousse (stuffed and baked zucchini flowers) and the melia pastas (biscuits prepared with fioretto corn flour).


Photo - picture: Associazione Forte di Bard

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