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Colli di Rimini Biancame

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A grapevine of old Italian origin, it has since spread throughout the various regions of the country under different names such as Procanico, Trebbiano Toscano and Bianchello. In France, where it was brought by legionnaires when they colonized Gaul, it is grown under the name Ugni Blanc and is used in blends to make Provençal white wines.
In Italy it is grown in many regions, for example in the Marches where it is used in its pure form to make Bianchello del Metauro and blended to make Falerio dei Colli Ascolani. In Tuscany it is blended to make Galestro, Montecarlo Bianco and other notable whites. In its pure form, it is a pale golden color with greenish tones.
Its bouquet has subtle notes of fruit and flowers.
It is light bodied and crisp. In old times, Biancame was the main white wine grown in the Rimini area.
In an important wine competition held in Rimini in 1885, almost all the white wines in the "Pasto Superiore" category had a Biancame base. Today this grapevine has been brought back into cultivation and is being re-evaluated for its importance and quality.
It is used to make Colli di Rimini Biancame and is blended to make Colli di Rimini Bianco.

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