Asti medieval city rich in history, culture and art,, great castles and houses, which dominate the hills, rich religious buildings, Baroque palaces and squares nineteenth century, in harmony with the Liberty windows of the old town and the vineyards that surround the hills. Great writers have celebrated the territory as Cesare Pavese, Beppe Fenoglio, Davide Laiolo and Augusto Monti also is the home of the founder of the religious order of the Salesians St. Giovanni Bosco.


The area of origin where they come from white grapes includes a territory of 52 municipalities that develop south of Piedmont in the municipalities of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo. Red, White, sweet, dry, bright and sparkling, there are many varieties of wines produced in the hills of Monferrato Asti and 22 June 2014 in Doha, Qatar, a part of the landscape of Moscato d'Asti was recognized by UNESCO in "World Heritage".


Feature of the hills are the "Sorì Moscato", dry stone walls built by the growers to support vignecaratterizzate steep slopes that would not allow the traditional viticulture. The peculiarity of the "Sorì of Muscaot" is to have good sun exposure and with the aid of the walls which store heat during the day, mean that the vines remain at a constant temperature even during the night to help the ripening of grapes .

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