The Chianti region produces the Olive Oil Dop Chianti Classico and the wines: Chianti Docg, Chianti Classico Docg, Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Docg, Chianti Classico Riserva Docg and Chianti Classico Annata Docg, marked by the label with the image of the Black Rooster, the historic symbol of the Ancient Military League of Chianti.

In May 1924, thirty-three wine producers gathered in Radda in Chianti to establish the first Consortium for the protection and defense of Chianti and its mark of origin, because in many parts of Tuscany wine was counterfeit.

The places of production of wine and oil, extending north to Florence, the Chianti Mountains to the east, to the south the city of Siena, and in the West Valleys of Pesa and Elsa. The lands of the Chianti preserve the testimonies of people who have crossed, starting from the Etruscans, who first cultivated the vines for the production of wine, the Romans, until the time of the Middle Ages, where the area between Florence and Siena was witness of many battles, of which today are the many castles, fortified villages, all built within walking distance from each other, because they had to be located to prevent and to have more control over the attacks by the warriors.

The star of the place is also the culinary art, which develops in the traditional Tuscan dishes with its related products of the land, among the most famous are: the Panzanella, the Florentine steak, the Ribollita, the Pollo alla Cacciatora, and Fegatelli alla Fiorentina.

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