Colli Euganei

The Euganean Hills, are born inside the Po Valley and they were formed by volcanic formations dating back over 35 million years ago. The mountainous area, has formed from these volcanics events, it created a different biodiversity of flora and fauna so valuable, that in 1989 there has been the Regional Park of Veneto, to safeguard its geological history.

Prestigious and famous, they are the Thermal Baths home of relax and spa, with the water-bromine and iodine that come directly from the ground and containing thermo property unique in the world, such as to be used in health and beauty treatments.

The Wine Route of Colli Euganei, the namesake of the Doc Colli Euganei and Docg Fior d'Arancio, combined with walks through the vineyards and wine tasting in the cellar, make it even more attractive place through nature. History and landscapes come together to archaeological finds, castles, villages and religious sites since the Bronze Age have left their mark on the territory.

The star is also the art of cooking, a simple and very homely, composed mainly of homemade  pasta: bigoli and gnocchi served with meat sauce or tomato sauce, risotto, meat-based animal court, omelettes with spontaneous herbs , cheeses, vegetables and meats.

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