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Ideas for mid-August

A picnic: gourmet or immersed in nature

One of the classics of August remains the traditional trip out of town with a packed lunch or a nice barbecue for the more enterprising. We therefore go in search of open-air places, preferably cool, given the temperatures of this August, and possibly not too crowded.
For those in northern Italy, it can come in handy this post published some time ago, dedicated to the beauties of the province of Brescia.

Ferragosto in provincia di BresciaComprensorio Pontedilegno Tonale. Ph. Mauro Mariotti

If you are in Piedmont in the Monferrato area, you may find inspiration in this article on the most unspoiled places, in the Alto Monferrato, on the Piedmontese Apennines on the border with Liguria - an hour's drive from Turin, Milan and Genoa - surprisingly "wild", where there is no shortage of picnic areas and huts with typical restaurants.

In Trentino, on the other hand, we can remember Mezzano di Primiero (among the most beautiful villages in Italy in Trentino), told in this article a few months ago, or Comano, another ideal location for those who want to spend the day surrounded by beautiful nature, or the nearby Adamello Brenta Natural Park.


Returning to Lombardy, it is also worth mentioning the possibility of having a “Picnic Chic” in Valchiavenna, in the enchanted greenery of the gardens of Palazzo Vertemate Franchi, organized by the Consorzio della Valchiavenna.

In Veneto Picnic in the vineyard possible at the Monte del Frà winery that we talked about in this article dedicated to the surroundings of Verona. Monte del Frà is located in Custoza, in the municipality of Sommacampagna, a few kilometers from both the city of Verona and the Veneto side of Lake Garda. The picnic in the vineyard is offered in two versions, a lighter one (vegetarian) and a more substantial (traditional). Some of the wines produced by the company cannot be missing in the basket.

But even if the picnic is done in complete freedom, don't forget to embellish it with a good choice of both food and drink. Let's go back a bit in time to retrieve some bottles recommended for other special holidays: here are some wines suitable for a party, and others particularly suitable for the summer, obviously kept cool with a cooler!... read more»

"Cantine Aperte" for the evening

Calici di Sstelle a Ferragosto

As part of the Calici di Stelle event, which this year was scheduled over two weeks starting at the end of July, some wineries are ready to welcome lovers of good drinking even on the evening of August, especially in Tuscany (read more)

Ferragosto with the FAI

As part of the "FAI Summer Evenings" event, there are many appointments for Saturday 14 August. For the evening of mid-August an appointment is scheduled in Tivoli, from 18:00, for a paid guided tour that starts from Villa d'Este, explores the Italian garden and its fountains, to continue up to the Acropolis Tiburtina and the abyss of the Aniene and end in the nineteenth-century Villa Gregoriana.
More info on the event website:

Ferragosto at  Museums

Museo Madre di NapoliMuseo Madre di Napoli

If the trip out of town doesn't interest you or for any reason you have to stay in the city, remember that most of the state museums, and not only, in the various regions of Italy will also remain open in August. In Florence you could take the opportunity to visit the great exhibition on American art from the 60s to 2001 hosted at Palazzo Strozzi. An important exhibition on Italian painting of the 1980s is underway in Milan, "Painting is back. The Eighties, painting in Italy", organized and hosted by Gallerie d’Italia, Piazza Scala. The occasion is all the more tempting because Gallerie d'Italia for the day of August has provided free admission to all three of its locations: not only Milan, but also Naples with the art of Los Angeles between experiments and contaminations of exhibition Los Angeles (State of Mind) and Vicenza where the exhibition 'Seeing the invisible' is underway, a dip in Russian-Orthodox spirituality with the collection of Russian icons by Intesa Sanpaolo in a renewed exhibition path that dialogues with art Contemporary.
For other institutions, make sure that they are open and how to access them by looking for direct information on the sites of the museums you are interested in.

The events of August 15th

There are not very many, but there is no shortage of events for the day or for the evening of August 2021, with a food and wine theme and with entertainment. Among these we remember that on Saturday 14 August 2021 "Ascoliva Festival" debuts in Ascoli Piceno, home of the much appreciated Ascolana stuffed olive of Piceno Dop. Check out our events page to see if there is something confirmed in your area!

And whatever your choice, Happy Ferragosto everyone!

By the editorial staff - August 13, 2021

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