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First national day of historical places in Italy

First national day of historical places in Italy

On Saturday 13 November 2021, for the first time in their very long history, in most cases multi-centennial, the historic venues of Italy open their doors in unison to celebrate together the first day dedicated to making these places of absolute knowledge even more excellence.

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Gran Caffè Gambrinus, Napoli

On Saturday 13 November 2021, for the first time in their very long history, in most cases multi-centennial, the historic venues of Italy open their doors in unison to celebrate together the first day dedicated to making these places of absolute knowledge even more excellence.

Caskets of beauty and secrets, witnesses of history and stories, celebrated ambassadors of made in Italy, the historical places of Italy, often synonymous with Italy, are famous destinations all over the world.

This mid-November weekend is an invitation to take part in the many initiatives of 75 historic places throughout the territory, and also in Switzerland, in Lugano, including tastings, guided tours, presentations, stories, discoveries of the premises and their deposits. cultural, artistic, architectural and food and wine, of which they are jealous and wise guardians.

This autumn glimpse is a really good time to discover unique and extraordinary places that are the kingdom of good and beauty. It is an invitation to an Italian vacation, to open a treasure chest, sometimes under the house or that "worth the trip" as the tourist guides say.

From north to south, including the islands, the first day of historic venues, an event of national and international significance, celebrates the genius loci and Italian hospitality, made of taste and elegance, and of that generosity that have made it universally famous.

The events organized involve all categories of members, hotels, restaurants, trattorias, confectioners, pastry shops, grapper shops, literary cafes, all an integral part of national identity and protagonists of entire pages of national and even international history. The impulse to this day, especially in a historical period like the present one where to discover and rediscover our country is a journey that many Italians are enjoying with pleasure, started from the President of the Association, Enrico Magenes, who has set as primary objective of this day the education to the awareness on the value and the importance of the Historical Places.

There are many peculiarities that stand out among the historic places, for example, the Caffè Mulassano and the Caffè al Bicerin, both in Turin, are the smallest historical places in the world; The Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua is a real monumental complex, and the Caffè Meletti in Ascoli Piceno, a delicate building on the Piazza del Popolo, are the largest places; Caffè Florian in Venice, Caffè Greco in Rome, Caffè Cova in Milan are the most copied in the world and to the sound of international patents, they try to defend themselves more and more; the Gran Caffè Giubbe Rosse in Florence is considered the most "rowdy" place, at the beginning of the twentieth century it was the seat of the most beautiful fights and fights of the protagonists of Futurism. While, the Hotel Cavalletto and Doge Orseolo in Venice and the Oste Scuro Finsterwirt Restaurant in Bressanone, both from 1200, the Locanda del Cerriglio in Naples, from 1288, the Parkhotel Luna Mondshein in Bolzano, from 1320, and the Antica Locanda Mincio , of Valeggio sul Mincio, dated 1407, are the oldest historical places in Italy.

All the initiatives are contained in the new website of the Association, where, in addition to consulting the list of initiatives divided by region, it is possible to book the scheduled appointments.

Among the many initiatives, here are some suggestions: in Naples, the Gay Odin Chocolate Factory for tasting the characteristic Vesuvius-shaped chocolate, loved by Oscar Wilde and Eduardo De Filippo; the Gran Caffè Gambrinus to discover the local historian through a guided tour and imagine the great customers of the past, D'Annunzio, Matilde Serao, Croce, Hemingway; in Bologna the visit of the Grand Hotel Majestic "formerly Baglioni" frequented by the souls of Futurism, Marinetti, Balla, Boccioni and Carrà, but the luxurious monument of hospitality also welcomed Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner, Lady Diana and Sofia Loren; At the Vèdel di Colorno (Parma), loved by Gassman, Tognazzi and the writer Bevilacqua, and always in the territory of the "Reggia" of Colorno where Maria Luigia lived, Napoleon's wife, you can discover the aging cellar of the Culatelli del Podere Cadassa and the historical recipe of Tortel Dols from Colorno; In Rome, the Antico Caffè Greco is a journey through art and culture and whose list of illustrious guests is endless, Liszt, Bizet, Wagner, Goethe, Casanova, Stendhal and even Buffalo Bill passed through here. It is a monument of the capital and legend has it that if a cardinal sits at a Greek's table, he becomes pope! It happened to Gioacchino Pecci, who became Leo XIII; ; the Matriciana Restaurant will present the place and its history and a tea will be served to the participants; from Manuelina to Recco (GE) great presentation and tasting of focaccia with cheese; at the Port of Savona in Turin a very special tasting of various qualities of Vermouth; from Grigolon to Mondovì (CN) guided tour of the small Liberty masterpiece and story of the place, with a small tasting of Rakiko and Monregalesi with rum; the Antica Focacceria S. Francesco Palermo offers a guided tour of the place with tasting of typical street foods paired with wines from the Duca di Salaparuta winery in Casteldaccia; the Ala Hotel (Tarnowska's American Bar) in Venice combines the visit to the venue with a cocktail of your choice among the participants in the next Venice Cocktail Week and the homage of the booklet dedicated to Maria Tarnowsk; also in Venice, the Hotel Londra Palace will carry out a guided tour that is proposed as a short journey into the history of the Relais & Châteaux residence, sipping a good tea, accompanied by the Tea Sommelier Gabriella Scarpa.

The tastings will be in Naples, Gay Odin Chocolate Factory, Umberto Restaurant, La Bersagliera Restaurant, Antico Francischiello 1909 Restaurant; in Colorno (Parma) Al Vèdel Restaurant; in Trieste at the Caffè Tommaseo; in Recco (GE) at the Manuelina Restaurant; in Alassio at the Caffè Pasticceria Balzola; in Pavia at the Moderno Hotel; in Turin, Caffè Elena 1889, Antico Ristorante Porto di Savona; in Chivasso (TO) at the Caffè Pasticceria Bonfante. And also, at the Pasticceria Roletti 1896 in San Giorgio Canavese, Turin; Barberis pastry shop in Valenza, Alessandria; Bar Caffè Pasticceria Grigolon in Mondovì, Cuneo (also guided tour); Bar Caffè Pasticceria Converso di Bra, Cuneo (also guided tour); Antica Focacceria S. Francesco restaurant in Palermo (also guided tour); La Botte 1962 restaurant in Monreale, Palermo (also guided tour); Caffè Pasticceria Fabbrica Finocchiaro in Giarre, Catania; Majore Restaurant in Chiaramonte Gulfi, Ragusa; Poldino restaurant in San Rossore, Pisa; Antico Caffè Valiani in Pistoia; Coffee Pastry Restaurant Poliziano of Montepulciano, Siena; in Venice, Caffè Florian (also guided tour), Hotel Cavalletto & Doge Orseolo (also guided tour); Locanda Parco Gambrinus restaurant in San Polo di Piave, Treviso; Nardini Distillery, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza (also guided tour).

Guided tours, in Naples, Gran Caffè Gambrinus, Grand Hotel Parker's; in Sorrento, Ristorante O ’Canonico 1898; in Amalfi at the Pasticceria Pansa; in Bologna, Grand Hotel Majestic “formerly Baglioni”, Pastry shop Paolo Atti & sons; in Trieste the Antica Trattoria Suban; in Rome, Antico Caffè Greco, La Matriciana Restaurant, Hotel Ristorante Massimo d'Azeglio; in Genoa, Hotel Bristol Palace, Confetteria Romanengo Pietro Fu Stefano; in Recco (GE) Da Ö Vittorio Restaurant, in Milan, Biffi Restaurant in the Gallery, Bar Camparino in the Gallery. In addition, the Da Berti Restaurant, in Palazzolo sull'Oglio; Osteria della Villetta restaurant since 1900, in Lezzeno (CO); Ristorante Osteria il Government, in Pavia, Pasticceria Vigoni; in Turin, Caffè Al Bicerin, Hotel Restaurant San Giors, Café Pastry Baratti & Milano, Caffè Mulassano, Confectionery and Chocolate Pfatisch, Restaurant Caffè Del Cambio, Confectionery Pastry Stratta; Corona Restaurant in San Sebastiano Curone, Alessandria; Mucci Giovanni confectionery in Andria; in Florence, Hotel Bernini Palace Hotel, Harry's Bar Restaurant; the Erasmo restaurant in Ponte a Moriano, Lucca; the Royal Victoria Hotel in Pisa (with conferences and thematic meetings; Hotel Miramonti in Cogne, Aosta; in Venice, Ala Hotel - Tarnowska's American Bar, Gran Caffè Lavena, Hotel Danieli, Hotel Londra Palace, Hotel La Calcina, Pensione Accademia Villa Maravege; Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua; Caffè Centrale in Asolo, Treviso; in Verona, Ristorante 12 Apostoli, Antica Bottega del Vino, Cafè Carducci, Due Torri Hotel; Liquoreria Carlotto Liquori in Vicenza; in Lugano, finally, the Hotel Splendide Royal.

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