Monastero Santa Rosa - Conca dei Marini (SA)

Monastero Santa Rosa - Conca dei Marini (SA)

Do you want to enjoy the charm of the Amalfi Coast in a relaxing atmosphere? The end of summer can be the best time and the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa in Conca dei Marini has a really attractive offer.

Refined Boutique Hotel of international fame these are its credentials: proclaimed Hotel of The Year by European Hotel Awards 2020 and awarded as the best Hotel in Italy in the Readers' Choice Awards of the American magazine Condé Nast Traveler, second best Hotel in Europe and eighth Best Hotel in the World.

Isolated on top of a rugged rocky spur from which you can enjoy an incomparable view of the Gulf of Salerno, the hotel - which has only about twenty rooms and suites and very large outdoor spaces - was created from the renovation of a seventeenth-century monastery of Dominican nuns , of which he has enhanced the atmosphere, silence, privacy, to offer his guests not a simple stay, but a unique experience, under the motto "The luxury of simplicity", against the backdrop of one of the most evocative landscapes in the world.

The infinity pool, a warm bath with "marine" suggestions

The mild climate of the coast offers the opportunity to relax in the sun and swim until the end of October. For maximum comfort, the spectacular infinity pool obtained from the last terrace of the sloping gardens, however, has heated water. Modeled by hand, overhanging the sea, it blends with the landscape and has unique features: its wavy bottom, which adapts to the rock on which it rests, shines with quartzes with a thousand reflections and gives the sensation of immersing oneself in a magical seabed, with soft and velvety effects on the skin. An effect made even more impressive by carefully designed lighting and some monoliths that make the backdrop more realistic. The gentle caress of the microscopic bubbles of the whirlpool is totally relaxing. The panorama that opens onto the Gulf of Salerno is incomparable, with the lines of the horizon between sea and sky that seem to merge.

In the Spa the benefits of grapes

The benefits of grapes and wine are the basis of a series of treatments conceived in autumn by the resort's Spa and offered en plein air, in the secluded Wellness Garden shaded by a bougainvillea pergola and overlooking the sea. In a Mediterranean atmosphere, characterized by the scent of lavender and aromatic essences, the beneficial effect of massages and treatments is enhanced, which is particularly pleasant to do as a couple and at the end of which a purifying light lunch based on grapes and vegetables is proposed. garden and seasonal fruit. Particularly enjoyable is the "Santa Rosa DiVine, discovering the sacred fragrances", a ritual that immerses the guest in the atmosphere that evokes the scents of the wine once produced by the nuns (and stored in the large cellars where the Spa has now been created) , combined with the fragrances of their intoxicating garden enclosed by high walls, among which orange, lemon, lavender and rose stand out. The purifying ritual intends to let the guest experience the benefits deriving from what the nuns once produced in the garden, in the orchard and in the vineyard. It begins, as a purifying act, with a foot bath with lavender essence and a face wash with rose and orange flavored water. The experience proceeds with an exfoliation based on fruit enzymes to effectively purify the skin, restoring it to its natural splendor. We move on to a soothing body massage with wine oil, a true treasure of healthy photocompounds, which enhance its antioxidant, toning and energizing properties. At the end, the face is nourished and refreshed with a precious rose gardenia cream, just like a caress. A glass of red wine completes this pure sensory experience.

Autumn on the table at Il Refettorio restaurant

Autumn also triumphs on the table of the Refettorio - the starred restaurant of the hotel, also open to those who do not stay there - where the flavors and aromas of the products from the large garden of the Monastery and the excellence and typical products of the Amalfi Coast find exaltation in the creations of the chef Christoph Bob. On the autumn menu, alongside the great classics of the Refettorio (such as steamed lobster, smoked and served on spinach, almond, apple and celery salad, Campotti with shrimps and spinach, extra virgin olive oil flavored with Amalfi sfusato, local Pezzogna all ' crazy water) here is A stroll in the vegetable garden, where Christoph Bob collects the ingredients for a healthy salad prepared with mixed salad, raw porcini mushrooms, pumpkin, Parmesan flakes and pomegranate vinaigrette; the traditional Polpitielli caught right under the cliff on which the Monastery stands, cooked in stew with sautéed escarole, confit Piennolo cherry tomatoes, garlic cream and toasted peasant bread; The Egg of the Nuns - another monastery classic - with a variation of artichokes, stews, crispy in chips and cream. All combined with an extraordinary wine list full of over 200 labels, which alongside the most prestigious Italian and international wineries, offers a careful selection of small and interesting local companies.

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Note: the presentation of the structure was obtained from the press office of the Hotel - year 2020

Top photo: © Mauro Parmesani

Bottom photo: © Bruno Bruchi