Gambassi Terme (FI)

Gambassi Terme (FI)

Gambassi Terme, in the province of Florence, is a Tuscan village located along the ancient Via Francigena that accompanied pilgrims on their journey through the hills of Tuscany. The village preserves an ancient artisan tradition which has been witnessed as early as the fourteenth century: glass processing, carried out for centuries by local workers, and which has given life to objects such as the "gambassino" glass, whose name pays homage to the link between the territory and the glassmaking tradition.

Gambassi Terme, also known for its renowned thermal water, will welcome you with its narrow streets surrounded by stone houses and lush gardens, and will allow you to walk a small stretch of Via Francigena in the historic center.

The traditional dish is represented by panzanella, a classic dish of Tuscan cuisine based on Tuscan bread.


Photo: by Ildebrando - Own work, Pubblico dominio

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