Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel - Abano Terme (PD)

Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel - Abano Terme (PD)

For those looking for a holiday or a weekend of relaxation and well-being, the Abano and Montegrotto Spas near Padua are for you. Here is the proposal of Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel.

A week of total immersion in the authentic spa world to naturally and effectively prevent osteo-articular aging and strengthen the immune system: the proposal comes from the Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel in Abano, a historic hotel and one of the best known , of the Terme Euganee area, the largest in Europe. Their very famous mud (whose properties were known and exploited since Roman times) is an absolutely natural health talisman: its recognized therapeutic virtues derive in fact from the properties of the hot thermal water in which it is matured, which give it a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory power. Not only that, the latest scientific evidence in this period of Covid-19 shows how exposure to thermal water, mud and vapors also has positive effects on the immune system.

Tailor-made spa holidays at the Ermitage

The end of summer and autumn are the best time of the year to enjoy a healthy holiday at the spa, more essential than ever, especially this year, and to strengthen the body in view of winter. The Ermitage Bel Air, the first Italian medical hotel, is the class hotel where everyone can carve out their own tailor-made spa holiday, with careful specialist medical assistance. In absolute comfort and relaxation, since all the health and wellness services, both thermal and physical medicine and rehabilitation are inside the resort and perfectly integrated with hotel hospitality. A privileged place to restore body and spirit, combining thermal treatments with relaxation in the unspoiled setting of the Euganean Hills Natural Park.

Private thermal springs and hot pools

The hotel has 3 private thermal springs, from which flow over 10,000 liters of water per minute at a temperature of 84 ° C. The bromine-iodine salty waters are the heart of the activity of the internal thermal establishment, dedicated to balneotherapy mud: water and clay are unique and inimitable therapeutic elements, whose analgesic and anti-inflammatory active ingredient is scientifically certified and protected by a European patent. Entirely natural, the bio-thermal clay used by the Hermitage comes from a small lake located not far away, in Arquà Petrarca. Its maturation in thermal water lasts at least 60 days and gives it the plasticity and chemical-physical characteristics that make it therapeutic.

The thermal waters, brought to a lower temperature, but always hot, also feed the indoor and outdoor pools of the hotel, equipped with a relaxation circuit and water games, where you can swim outdoors surrounded by warmth even when the climate becomes more stiff. In the swimming pool, followed by graduates in physiotherapy and motor science, it is also possible to follow individual and assisted hydro-kinesis therapy sessions. Motor re-education in thermal water is particularly effective both in physical recovery (following trauma and surgery) and in the treatment of joint pain associated with aging. An iso-kinetic rehabilitation, carried out in total safety and in weightlessness, is the best solution in posture correction and muscle strengthening, even in the presence of small limitations of movement.

Weeks and Weekends

Among the many proposals of the Hermitage for a regenerating spa holiday, all with basic and specialist medical assistance, everyone can find the one that's right for him. Here are some of them:

The Gentle Thermal Program, for example, is ideal for the natural treatment of osteo-articular pain and inflammation and to strengthen the immune system: a healthy week with admission medical examination, mud treatments, thermal baths, post mud therapy reaction massages. , thermal inhalations, free access to the swimming pools and the Stretching Pilates and Aqua-Gym courses. All with the corollary of a healthy, tasty and balanced diet, and with the possibility of following, if desired, a detox or vegan regime (starting from € 920 for a 7-day stay, treatments included).

Nutrition, Spa and Fitness for balanced and lasting weight loss - The Fit Program aims to prevent metabolic diseases, reduce excess fat and restore aerobic capacity. It aims at improving the lifestyle, "educating" the participants to change their daily habits, from nutrition to motor activities preparatory to keeping the cardio-circulatory system safe from risks. The first visible effect is a balanced and stable weight loss. Combine the mud-balneo-therapy and massage therapy cycles with a nutritional and cardio fitness program entirely customized according to the age and physical needs of each person. In order to have immediate feedback on the results obtained, a physiological check-up before and after treatment is provided (7 nights full board from € 1,980). The Fit Program can be followed at special prices from 24 October to 7 November on the occasion of the Scientific Research Weeks. You can choose between 2 programs: the “sweet” one for one week and the “intense” one for two. Participants will make use of exclusive services and conditions, starting with the direct consultation of Prof. Domenico Corrado (Cardiologist and Sports Doctor of the University of Padua) and Prof. Fulvio Ursini (Biochemist at the University of Padua) who will study for each patient. an optimized diet and a personalized cardio-fitness training program with personal trainer (one week full board € 1,300, two weeks € 2,350).

The pleasures of idleness - For those with little time available, Otium has been developed, a short but effective program of treatments for muscular well-being and deep relaxation, which provides - after the initial medical evaluation - a path to thermal vapors, muscle massages, individual decontracting treatments in thermal water, access to the cardio fitness circuit, the thermal pools and the BIO sauna (3 nights full board for € 570).

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Note: the presentation of the structure was obtained from the press office of the Hotel - year 2020