Cossano Belbo (CN)

Cossano Belbo (CN)

Cossano Belbo, in the province of Cuneo, is a small village located in the center of the Belbo Valley, in the lower Langa about 30 km from Alba and Asti in the south-eastern part of Piedmont.

The main resource of Cossano Belbo is the cultivation of vines, in particular Moscato d'Asti (Cossano Belbo is in fact included in the 52 Municipalities belonging to the typical production area of Moscato d'Asti "DOCG") as well as Furmentin (not deprive us of the typical ending) and Dolcetto.

There is no shortage of historical aspects related to this municipality. In the Middle Ages, the ancient village of Coxanum was at the center of an obligatory path in the trade of fine cloths and fabrics between the territories beyond the mountains and the marquisate of Genoa. At the beginning of March 1274 the Asti merchants sent twenty "troselli" of French cloth and twenty bundles of cloth to the Riviera, each loaded onto a beast of burden. The Marquises Manfredi and Giacomo di Busca attacked the convoy bound for Genoa in Cossano Belbo, seized the goods and sent the merchants back to Asti on foot. Busca's refusal to the request for restitution triggered, on the evening of 24 March 1274, a bloody battle between 10,000 infantrymen from Asti and the Angevin army.

Typical products: Tajarin, ravioli al plin, salamin, trifolin, Mulin flour, Furmentin and Bon vin, are the author's food and wine proposals that have made the small town of Langa famous.

Foto: Di Andrea Marchisio - Opera propria, (credits)