Castelnuovo Magra (SP)

Castelnuovo Magra (SP)

Castelnuovo Magra, a town in the province of La Spezia in Liguria, stands on Mount Bastione and for this reason offers a splendid panorama that goes from the Tyrrhenian coast to the Val di Vara. Historic eighteenth-century houses, particularly in the central Via Dante, embellish the historic center of this village which has linked its name to the Vermentino wine. Here, in fact, you can visit the multimedia Museum of Vermentino where you can take a tour aimed at the territories of Vermentino, consult the data base of the companies, the multimedia guide and learn about the territories and producers through the presentation videos. The Turris Magna of the Bishop's Palace is open to the public after recent restorations. A stately home built in the second half of the 13th century, the Palazzo dei Vescovi di Luni became a military fortress during the Florentine and Genoese domination in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Every year in May Castelnuovo Magra hosts the Benvenuto Vermentino event. The atriums of the noble palaces opened extraordinarily to accommodate the Vermentino producers present at the event, who offered their oenological pearls to the many visitors and tourists, giving the opportunity to taste Vermentino in a setting of ancient splendor.

Among the typical products of this area, extra virgin olive oil, honey, Castelnovese ham, but also Lardo di Colonnata, cheeses and cured meats from Val di Vara are worth mentioning.

Among the typical dishes of the local tradition to try on the occasion of a visit we can remember the "sgabei", the vegetable pies, the stuffed muscles, the marinated cod, the mixed frying, the Ligurian rabbit and the rice cake.

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