Carmagnola (TO)

Carmagnola (TO)

Carmagnola is located about 30km south of Turin, in Piedmont, in an area rich in green spaces near the river Po, and is known for its agri-food production, in particular for the Carmagnola pepper. It is also a city rich in history with a great architectural and cultural heritage.

Things to see and do in Carmagnola

In the city center there are numerous religious buildings and some buildings of historical and architectural interest. Nearby we find the Bosco del Gerbasso, the Cascina Vigna park, where the local Civic Museum of Natural History is located, and the Special Nature Reserve of the Oxbow of San Michele near the Po river.

At the end of August, the National Pepper Fair of Carmagnola is held here, the largest Italian fair dedicated to an agricultural product. During the event the whole city is involved with the large Piazza dei Sapori and other food and wine areas, with proposals of all kinds and of great quality.

Foto: di Angelo Miele - Opera propria (credits)