Candelo (BI)

Candelo (BI)

Candelo, in the province of Biella in Piedmont, was included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy and obtained the Orange Flag of the Touring Club, a tourist-environmental quality recognition to reward an offer of excellence and a quality welcome of small municipalities.

Its Medieval Ricetto (XIV century) is certainly the main attraction from a historical and architectural point of view. In Piedmont, the shelter is a fortified structure protected within a town where primary goods were accumulated and people took refuge in case of attacks from the outside. Ricetto di Candelo is strongly linked to the culture of the vine in the past, like the whole territory of Candelo. It was in fact built in the 14th century by local farmers to protect grapes, wine and grains from the raids of brigands and mercenaries. And since then it has continued to host the cellars of local wine bars in its cells. A centuries-old history testified by numerous documents, which attest for example that in 1700 23,230 brente were produced every year, that is 1,140,720 liters of wine. Alongside the culture of wine, that of food with cheeses, rice, sweets and honey from Biella.

This link with wine, food and peasant traditions is traditionally celebrated between the end of September and the beginning of October with the "Vinincontro" event, in which the wines of Upper Piedmont are protagonists, but also street food. linked to local products and the discovery of the territory. However, there are numerous initiatives that take place during the year within the walls of the Ricetto, including the historic Carnival during the carnival period.

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