Festa del Mandorlo - Arquà Petrarca

Dove: Veneto / Padova

The Almond Festival takes place every year in March, in Arquà Petrarca (PD). It is an event aimed at highlighting the almond fruit and offering the city of Arquà Petrarca a spring festival.

In the southern areas of the Colli Euganei, the almond tree is a shy tree that is only noticed during flowering when, with patches of white or pink color, stands out in the landscape still in its winter dress. It is at this particular moment, when we eagerly await spring to awaken nature, that the almond tree becomes a characteristic element of the Colli. It is from these reflections that the Confraternity of Brìtoea has conceived the Almond Festival.

The 2024 edition of the Almond Festival has been postponed to Sunday, March 10th.

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Dove si svolge Festa del Mandorlo - Arquà Petrarca?

L'evento si svolge a Arquà Petrarca, vie del Borgo - Arquà Petrarca (PD)

Quando si svolge Festa del Mandorlo - Arquà Petrarca?

Periodo / giorno di svolgimento: March 10, 2024

Chi organizza o promuove Festa del Mandorlo - Arquà Petrarca?

L'ente promotore / l'organizzatore dell'evento è Pro Loco Arquà Petrarca

Dove si possono trovare altre informazioni su Festa del Mandorlo - Arquà Petrarca?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/proloco...