Wine and Food Route

The Roman Castles of the Appian Way

Departure from: Ciampino, Rome

Arrival to: Velletri, Rome

What you can taste:
Castelli Romani Bianco, Castelli Romani Rosato, Castelli Romani Rosso, Cesanese del Piglio, Colli Albani, Colli Lanuvini, Frascati, Marino, Pane casareccio di Genzano, Velletri

A path in the Alban Hills, looking for the Castelli Romani found along the ancient Appian Way, passing through places of great historical and artistic interest and the vineyards of some of the production areas of the Castelli Romani DOC....

Itinerary details

The route begins in the town of Ciampino Airport, with easy access from the ring road of the city of Rome, to twist in the Alban Hills, visitanto part of the area known as the Castelli Romani, including the homonymous Regional Park. In the area of vintage wines, olive oil and a variety of local products such as pork, the bacon and various cold cuts, available in a rich cuisine, to be enjoyed in fraschette, the oldest inns in the area.

Ciampino is in the production Marino Doc, which takes its name from the town of Ciampino which has been for a long time. At Ciampino there are various monuments and other archaeological remains have been found of ancient times, then transferred to major museums. Here you will find the Organic Farm Farm Reserve, which produces Marino Doc and Doc Rosso Castelli Romani.

Continuing along the Appian Way, veer slightly to the left to reach Castel Gandolfo, on the shores of Lake Albano slendido, a town of ancient origins ranks among the most beautiful villages in Italy. Castel Gandolfo is the first country on our itinerary within the DOC Colli Albani area and is known as the core of the buildings in the town center has for centuries been the summer residence of the popes.

Not far away on the slopes of the mountain where the volcanic Lake Albano, Albano Lazio meet, historic holiday destination of the most important Roman families and the center of great historical and artistic interest. The population of Ceccina is the Cantina di Villafranca, where you can aquistare and taste a large variety of wines: Castelli Romani DOC White, Castelli Romani DOC Rosso Castelli Romani DOC Rosato DOC Superiore Colli Albani, Marino and Frascati Superiore DOC Superiore DOC are the most valuable.

Also within the DOC zone of Colli Albani is located in Ariccia, a small town in the countryside of ancient origins and where attest to the presence of vineyards since the days of the Roman Republic. Here there are the wineries Volpetti, which produce wines of the area such as the Alban Hills Doc Superiore DOC Frascati Superiore and a Cesanese Piglio Doc.

The next step leads us to Genzano, Area Doc Colli Lanuvini ancient settlement built on the shores of Lake Nemi, built around a temple dedicated to Diana and long owned by the Colonna family, now famous for its wine production. Among the many local producers remember the Knights Farm, producer of DOC Colli Lanuvini, while in restaurants and farms in the town you can enjoy the homemade bread of Genzano PGI.

It starts and then for the last leg of the route, which still following the Via Appia leads to curve slightly to the east, until you reach Vellore, which gives the name to the area Doc. Velletri overlooking the Pontine marshes by the foothills of Mount Artemisium where stands since ancient times. The local wines can be tasted at the Ceracchi Brothers Winery, which produces among other Velletri Doc and the Castelli Romani DOC Red and White.

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