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L’Aceto Balsamico nel panettone

L’Aceto Balsamico nel panettone

The unusual combinations with traditional pastries do not surprise so much any more, but the use of balsamic vinegar, one of the jewels of flowers Made in Italy Gourmet, in the traditional Christmas cake par excellence, the cake, it really is an unusual choice. The goddess is the 24 year-old pastry chef from Modena Ivan D'Avino, who used it for his "Dark Balsamic."

Panettone e aceto balsamico

Aceto Balsamico del Duca "1891" PGI, obtained by baking must and selected grapes from aging in oak barrels, was used in the mix of the cake from pastry chef pastry "Old Napoli" in Modena.

"For Christmas - he explains 24 year old baker - I prepared a cake to extra dark chocolate with 72% cocoa mass, produced with its yeast and vinegar Balsamico Del Duca 1891. All without the use of preservatives or emulsifiers. "

The hard working about 36 hours, including a first mixture (water, flour, dairy butter, egg yolks and sugar) of 12/14 hours and a second where you add the cocoa coloring the dough and chocolate drops to 72%. After baking, the cake after 10 hours drying is stuffed with a creamy Balsamic Vinegar of Duke "1891" and packaged.

Last year, the panettone Ivan D'Avino classic was quoted on the Gambero Rosso guide of the best productions of Emilia Romagna: "The choice of '1891' for this union with panettone - add Mariangela and Alessandra Grosoli, holders of 'vinegar and great-grandchildren of the founder Adriano - has its foundation in the soft bouquet and full body of this vinegar, which complement each other in a harmonious balance. "


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