Microbreweries in Italy
Italian Craft Beer

Italian Craft Beer

The phenomenon of micro-production of Craft Beer in Italy continues its apparently unstoppable growth and multiply accordingly organized events to enjoy it, and also there are many the courses to appreciate it.

The Craft Beer Italian has very successful, especially among those people under 35 who are dedicated to the art of Brewmaster through courses and schools. In fact, in every region you can find many small businesses made up 2-5 workers and pubs offering different types of beers thanks to these realities, it is estimated that currently there are approximately 700 Italian craft microbreweries.


There are many courses to become Brewers, the most esteemed is the CERB Specialized Center for Research on Beer located at the University of Perugia, who teaches the fundamental characteristics of the production, development and certification of quality beer to ensure the protection of the consumer a quality product.

The Dieffe Accademy offers a Course for Brewer Craftsman with release of Professional Qualification which prepares students on everything related to the typicality and techniques of craft production, Fermento Birra proposes the Advanced Course Tasting Beer consists of lessons with experienced brewers, judges international, authoritative experts at the end of training students face a final exam that will give them the possibility of obtaining the certificate.


beerFrom blonde to dark craft beer is richer in flavor as it is used just the right amounts of barley, malt, yeast and hops, therefore not making use of preservatives and using only quality ingredients, make the beer more delicate for storage. They are artisan beers with flavors and aromas separate between them and the final result depends largely upon the Brewmaster to obtain the right fizz and taste.


Annually you can find many events dedicated to craft beer, not only Italian, as the fair Brewmaster in Treviso now in its fourth edition, the Zythor Beer Festival where the best Belgian beer is tapped by master brewers from around the world, the Milan Beer Week, Beer Festival Park, the Art & Culture Hop in its third edition in Marano Vicentino, Italy Beer Festival, competitions such as the Brewer year.

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