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Excursions in taste: Food and wine moving between nature and history

Excursions in taste: Food and wine moving between nature and history

Food and wine tourism is combined increasingly with physical movement, be it on foot, by bike, or hybrid forms such as bicycle routes and boat that joins with the discovery of the open cellars, in the ancient and fascinating world of wine production, its history, its trade and its tradition.

These trips or short holidays outdoors provide tour created for someone to ride or walk, who wants to combine a delicious meal in the restaurant or festival, or even a wine tasting.

Below, you can find a small overview of the initiatives that often we host on our website, which are organized by operators who have known directly.

The tour operator specializing in cycling holidays called Girolibero, it proposes "Bicigusto", cycling in the day, that are organized in the spring in the Veneto area.
Alternatively, if you want to combine bike and boat or boat and trekking, there are several opportunities for cruises that  you can take along the rivers of the Veneto between Venice and Mantua.

The gastronomic pedaling "Eat and Ride" of Dynamic Center in Cossano Belbo (CN) along the Langhe of Moscato, where wine lovers can taste foods and wines of farmhouses in the area;

Adria Bike Hotels proposes trips throughout the area of the Adriatic exploring along the rivers that lead the tour of the Venetian Lagoon to the beaches, passing through the most popular beach resorts.


 food and wine in bike


Enotrekking proposes the discovery of the Piedmont and Tuscany, taking care of their routes along the City of Wine, with the exploration of the valleys and hills. Organize walking in nature to the discovery of historic forts, baroque churches; especially in the area of Monferrato, and various types of excursions to the wineries or in the streets of rice.

The Calyx association focuses on the areas of Oltrepò Pavese in the hills south of Lombardy, where offers tours, dinners, walks with teaching cooking classes, wine making paths, to guide tourists to discover the area and the most beautiful corners and hidden in our regions.

There are only associations and tour operators organizing tours of wine tourism. Sometimes the same cellars becomes promoter of initiatives, in particular during the celebrations organized by a local Wine Roads or Consortium of DOC wines to which they belong.

We recently wrote about the historic "Cantina dal Maso" Doc Gambellara, which joins to WeTour in collaboration with Gira Vicenza, whichthey have dedicated tour to visit the winery and to discover the beauty of the Berici Hills.

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