VVN - Vini e Vigne del Valdinoto

Place: Sicilia / Siracusa

Attention: this is the card from a past edition. Search the site or check with the references in the text if there is an edition scheduled for this year.

VVN - Vini e Vigne del Valdinoto

After last year's zero edition, the VVN - Vini e Vigne del Valdinoto event will return on 5 and 6 March 2023 with an even more structured program of tastings and above all masterlcass and moments of in-depth analysis, with the aim of involving an large number of both winelovers and sector operators in the exploration of the contemporary identity of wine production in this area with a great oenological history.

Nero d'Avola and Moscato will be the great protagonists of the event organized by Strada del Vino Valdinoto and the ValdiNoto protection consortium. They will be at the Loggia del Mercato, which will host the tasting tables of the more than twenty producers involved, always open from 11 to 18, but also at Palazzo Nicolaci - kindly made available by the Municipality of Noto which sponsors the event - where the masterclasses dedicated to wine in collaboration with Ais Siracusa.
The first will be on 5 March at 11.30 with the "Historical vintages of Valdinoto", will continue at 2.30 with "Fortified Wines: Valdinoto and the world" and will end at 5 pm with "Tour del Valdinoto", with a battery of 12 wines in tasting; Monday 6 March will start again at 11.30 with "Excellences of Valdinoto/1: Nero d'Avola", it will continue at 14.30 with "Excellences of Valdinoto/2: Moscato" and at 17 again with "Tour del Valdinoto".
At the Loggia del Mercato there will also be other moments of in-depth analysis related to other local products: on both days there will be tastings of extra virgin olive oil of the Iblei in collaboration with Onav Siracusa, of traditional crops such as sesame, of mixology and new pairings.

Tickets for the event can be purchased online at stradadelvaldinoto.it.
Through the same site it is possible to register to request the accreditations reserved for restaurateurs and journalists.

VVN - Vini e Vigne del Valdinoto

The event in brief

Name: VVN - Vini e Vigne del Valdinoto

Where: Noto (SR), Loggia Dell'antico Mercato - via Rocco Pirri - Noto (SR)

When: -

Organization / promoter of the event: Strada del Vino Valdinoto e Consorzio di tutela ValdiNoto

To read more on the web: https://www.stradadelvaldinoto.it/

The event on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/StradaDelV...