Un'Amatriciana d'aMare al Castello Arechi di Salerno

Dove: Campania / Salerno

Attenzione: questa è la scheda di un'edizione passata. Cerca sul sito o verifica coi riferimenti riportati nel testo se esiste un'edizione in programma per quest'anno.

Un'Amatriciana d'aMare al Castello Arechi di Salerno
Sunday, September 18, 2016, in fact, starting from 20:00, in the spaces of the castle dominating Salerno, will be held the great gastronomic feast and show "un'amatriciana Fishwiches", whose proceeds will go to the "Festival of Spaghetti Amatriciana ", which this year would have even touched the finish line of the fiftieth edition. Renamed the "Festival of Italy", must be able to survive the disaster and represent the hope lever on which to base the revival, as the bearer privileged traditions which the local population relies on its continuity. The terrible earthquake that devastated central Italy, in fact, not only deleted buildings and human lives. Sabina, in fact, that portion of the territory "embedded" between Lazio, Umbria and Abruzzo, who in Rieti its most important center and the most typical amateur, it was impoverished in the deep: the quake buried costumes and established habits, that have always made this area an excellent breeding ground for unique knowledge and unique flavors, perfectly woven into the warp and weft of the national wealth assets. Granting the appeal dell'UNPLI (National Union of Pro Loco Italy) to the "general mobilization", the communication agency Crafts and Food and the Society of the Arechi Castle Management aim to contribute - albeit in a small way - to rebuild "moral "the affected areas with the organization of this event for charity. The 18th event will be sponsored by the city of Salerno, the province of Salerno and dall'UNPLI (promoter of the initiative "un'amatriciana for amateur"). In Piazzale delle Armi will be set up two cauldrons for preparation of spaghetti Amatriciana; the Chef Giovanna Voria ( "Farm Corbella", Cicerale - SA) and Marco Follieri will join the entire staff of the Castle. Also present were Antonio Maisto (Pizzeria Lady Pummarulè Salerno) with his pizza all'Amatriciana, Americo Galdi (Brewery Arechi of Salerno), Rossella Cicalese (Winery Cicalese of Eboli), Augusta Longone (Mulls Cupcake Salerno) and Amaro Teggiano. Indispensable the contribution of different technical sponsors: Pancrazio SPA, Pasta Antonio Amato Lamberti Food, Typography Tirrena, Di Filippo Systems and Services. On stage, however, they will alternate the actress Antonella Schiavone, who will open the event, the saxophonist Giusi Di Giuseppe and finally the band "Max Maffia and the Empty Daybox". Some set of the "retaliation" will rebuild medieval views. The run will be entrusted to the journalist Antonio Di Giovanni. The entrance to the Castle costs 3 € (tasting included). Proceeds from the event will go to the City of Amatrice. All artists and producers have embraced the project in a totally free. Information to the numbers 3298467807 - 3456150238 to 0892964015
Un'Amatriciana d'aMare al Castello Arechi di Salerno

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L'evento si svolge a Castello Arechi - Località Croce, Salerno

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L'ente promotore / l'organizzatore dell'evento è Mestieri e Sapori

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